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Translations on the Shebang process

Exploration  Discomfort  Disruption  Discovery
Here we are gathering and sharing.

As The Ontario Shebang project concludes we hope this page will expand to become a hub where shared experiences, reflections and new ideas can continue to connect, inspire, engage and inform the Shebang community and new visitors. We invite you to share reflections, experiences and insights into your experiences as a way for artistic exchange to continue.

Current documents include ‘translations’ created by collaborating artists who observed and responded to the process.  You can also see and hear about artworks and projects that have rippled out from group sessions.  Future materials will include audio files of our “body tuning” exercises, guides for activities that cultivate shared group consciousness plus descriptions and transcripts of conversations that were generated for and by participating artists during the Process.

Join in. We look forward to hearing from you.


Four-year creative residency culminates in ‘The Whole Shebang’: Niagara This Week

Celebrating Togetherness Kingston Shebang Community Workshop

Kingston Shebang by Mark Bergin: Preparation for Tett Centre Opening Dancing beyond words

Andrea Nann and Guelph Shebang Artists interviewed on April 7 about their collaboration together: CFRU link to radio interview archive Guelph Shebang

Andrew Vowles shares his reflections on the Guelph Shebang: Clutter can be forgiven if it gives rise to creativity…

Kevin Rodgers and Megan McNeil discuss the opening of Modern Fuel in the Tett Centre: Kingston Region

Kingston School of Dance returns to the Tett Centre after completed renovations to the building: Kingston Region

Kingston Handloom Weavers and Spinners line up a collaborative performance with the Kingston School of Dance: Kingston Region 

Re-launch of the Tett Centre in January 2015 will celebrate art communities in Kingston: Kingston Region

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