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A response to Encountering a Glowing White Box, an interactive sound and light box co-created by Burlington Shebang Artist Aaron Hutchinson and Connor Bennett and shared with the Burlington Shebang as part of the Year 2 Open Studio event.


on light


I walk down the long grey hall
and through a door
and then another


and darkness blinds me


i can’t see a person
or a face
or an object


But in the middle of the room is this box.
of light.
it draws me in
and i want to touch it
to be warmed
and slowly
i walk towards the piece


i am intriqued
and afraid
and curious if this is some sort of trap
a test of artistic sorts


i step back
and my eyes adjust
and i see two faces
aaron and connor
the creators of this genius
their smiles proud


i sit back and watch as the team
walks in
one by one


each person blinded
and then drawn in
unsuspecting ways.


one person walks confidently towards it
another is slightly shocked by it
and like me giggle nervously


and each artist goes to the light
in their own unique way
some touch it quickly with strength


while others approach with caution
caressing the light
feeling the warmth
being excited by the possibilities


and for the next
or ten
we don’t really know
we are stuck in awe
in the light
of possibility


struck by each other
struck by the space
struck by the vision


struck by the whole shebang.

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