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Burlington Performing Arts Centre

About The Burlington Shebang

Burlington Shebang artists are Liz Bates, Tomy Bewick, Lisa Emmons, Aaron Hutchinson, Shannon Kitchings, Richard Beaune and Andrew O’Connor.  Burlington Performing Arts Centre is host partner. Thank you to Bridget Bezanson and Leslie Gray who were with us through most of the three-year process and to host collaborators Suzanne Haines and Brian McCurdy.  Artistic and Community Translators are Trevor Copps and Lisa Pijuan-Nomura.   Contributing artists include Mayumi Lashbrook, Trevor Turple, Dan Murray, Korey McDermott, Sebastian Chong, Matt Miller, Mateo Galindo, students from Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts, members of The Poacher Ukulele Band, FORM Contemporary Dance Theatre,  Tottering Biped, Burlington Slam Project, Hamilton Audio Visual Node, Amanda Dudnik, Connor Bennett, and dance animateur Megan English. The Burlington Performing Arts Centre is owned by the City of Burlington and operated by the Burlington Theatre Board Inc., a not-for-profit charitable organization.

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