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Reflections from Niagara Shebang artist Adam Buller – multi-media artist, visual arts, acting, live musical performance

January 10, 2016
Speaking with Vickie Fagan
(transcribed from video)

You’ve been doing this since the beginning, 3 years ago.  How has the process changed over the 3 years from your perspective?  

As we first started, it was a surprise.   We were all entering this space, this project with an open mind because that’s all we could do.  We entered it with no framework whatsoever, no preparation.  Now we are starting to get into a time where Andrea is asking each one of us to prepare a little something.  Our relationship is developing, we have more trust, if we want to bring ideas, we can but even that’s open-ended.


From the outside, it seems that re-entering the Process is getting smoother.

The group of us have all developed a rapport, it is a safe space for us to create. The process itself isn’t getting any smoother or more comfortable. I don’t think I would feel as good about this if it was smoother. I dread this and I look forward to it’s looseness and that it’s a bit uncomfortable.  We are still off kilter, we are always walking a tightrope and it’s nice.  One other thing that’s changed is when we first began our time together was condensed, (we worked a week at a time).  Now we have more separate days, weekends.  I enjoyed the condensed time frame, it was more focused.  

What about the ripple effect.  How has this process affected the way you approach creative process. What does this mean to you?

All of us are a product of our environments. without a doubt the exercises and this whole experience has of course affected me and will it morph or leak into my own work and this is a good thing.  I always am too organized, I put too much prep into my exhibitions.  Working this way is admirable.


Last thoughts as this comes to a conclusion?

I’m grateful to be part of this project and I hope it extends.  It’s special to be involved in such a long relationship and I hope it extends into years to come.

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