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Burlington Shebang

December 2015

Things that we know for sure moving towards the June culminating event

Working with set performance pieces as a major element

Aaron and the drums

Lisa and the artist is in

Something on the dolly that moves

Liz and a deconstructing costume

Trevor play with shadow and light. Light as a character

Audience mobility and the stream

The 360 degree balcony and upper and lower space

Use of the outside space

Sorting people – creating family groupings exercise (100% place example)

Involve some youth

Burlington Slam Poets, FORM Contemporary Dance

Shebanging in General

Defining a good Shebang session: it drives a wedge in time between the present (after the session) and before the session. It creates a barrier that divides experience into before and after.

“Our desire is to grow so quiet and to work so deeply that we participate fully in the mystery in which we’re embedded.” – Eric Maisel

Shebang Translator difficulty: I find that I have the problem of being too engaged in the actually participating to provide recording. I resist recording as it pulls me out of the project. Then when I stop and do it only deepens the experience.

Shebang Concept: Neuroplasticity. Associating movements with bodily actions provides access to unremembered stories that emerge and are coloured by the body. (My Mother in the spring….)

Shebang Concept: the groupening effect. Describes the way that the energy and personas that come into the room balance over the course of the session. So you can come in being ‘off’ and the room will take care of it. We come to depend on the group as a kind of evener. We become more consistent beings through group sessions.

Shebang Rumination: I want to dress more like Andrea. Maybe I can’t pull off the wonder woman braces, but the hoodies and the running pants are a go.

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