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Niagara Shebang

Transcription from video interview excerpt

February 2015

I felt a little apprehensive because there is a group dynamic that has already been created you guys have already been working together, this is (Niagara Shebang) 2.5

But I felt put to ease within probably the first 15 minutes of the first day’s warm up.  I just let go of whatever I was thinking.  And realized that I was…

I also have the good fortune of knowing everybody outside of this process quite well and feel a level of comfort with almost everybody in the room already so ya, it’s been a blast.

In our company in our work we are really collaboratively based, so a lot of the instincts of the shebang process are instincts of our company and they are kind of in our mandate and the work we do and the work I do so it’s adding to where my impulse already takes me. I think it’s adding to that vocabulary.

I really like the idea of bringing artists of different disciplines together.  and I think that’s something the Shebang does really well.  It’s something we’ve been trying to cultivate with In the Soil (Festival), mashing up artists of different disciplines to create something new.

It’s a reminder that we are all creating and we’re making and that we may consider ourselves discipline specialists but in fact having just gone through an exercise by someone who identifies himself as a visual artist ,among a million other things.

That it’s good to dance in between each of the different disciplines so in my work in the community it’s not feeling that things need to be so isolated.  I think there is more fluidity in the way that we can all work together and be together in our work.

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